About Jason

My name is Jason Rosenstock. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. I am a physically disabled visual artist. I started to paint while attending middle school in Virginia Beach, Va. Painting allowed me to channel my positive energy and provided me an outlet to express myself in ways that I was unable to in other aspects of my life. My teachers in high school and college were inspirations for me. They noticed my talent for painting and encouraged me to continue, and with their guidance I learned many styles and techniques. Today I continue to study art at The Fat Village Center For The Arts in Fort Lauderdale. I have learned many new techniques working with the teachers there and my work has immensely improved. Painting helps me to relax and allows me to focus my energy in a fulfilling way. When I begin a new painting it is like having a goal to work towards. Many times the end result of a painting is a surprise to me. After spending so much time and energy on a project it is often hard to envision what the end result will be. I enjoy watching the progression of a painting from start to finish, seeing the layers build up and the objects take shape is truly satisfying. I often feel like a long journey is ending when I get close to finishing a painting, and many times I’m not ready to move on to something else right away.